Due to it’s composition the materail is non-magnetic. Even when you approach the ARCAP near a sensitive probe to 1/10th of Nano Tesla, it’s magnetic permeability is close to vacuum.

ARCAP Magnetic curve shows no inflection pointup to fusion point

– All grades are anti-magneticAP1, AP1CAP4

 Anti-magnetic in all formsrolledstretched, molded

 Subsists at low temperatures

 Magnetic permeability of <1.002 compared to vacuum

 Machining and implementation do not change the nonmagnetic provided to ensure the absence of any traces of iron or steel due to machining.

The ARCAPis also corrosion free

We can provide you rolled coils in all shades ARCAP ‘s for thicknesses between 2.00 mm and 0.008 mm .

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